Tracklocross Returns To Mt Beauty

Tracklocross returns to Mt Beauty for another year.

Just down the valley from our home in the Kiewa Valley, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy a weekend of racing and riding in one of Australia’s most beautiful locations.

Potentially finding a loophole in the rules, Hal decided to race his fixed gear gravel machine in the Open category for another year.

The Open race is for people who want to ride a bike that is not a CX bike.

Some pretty heavy rain on Friday night made for a wet, muddy and fun course for racing on Saturday. 


“Last year I thought it would be fun to try out the fixed gear gravel bike on a proper CX course. Racing just for fun was so refreshing and maybe one of the most enjoyable riding experiences I have had in a long time. 

Fast forward 12 months and when I was asked whether I’d be back it was a no brainer!

I decided to go a bit easier with the gearing this year so I could hopefully make it around the whole course without having to run any sections. I through on 36x21 and crossed my fingers.

Ray, Ash and myself rode in from our farm and after doing two warm up laps I was pretty happy with my choice.

Although technically I was racing other people the focus was just on the challenge of trying to make it through the course as fast and as upright as possible. 45 minutes latter I was done for another year and buzzing like I’d just learnt to ride a bike for the first time again.”


Ray then lined up with some friends in B grade for his first CX race. The focus being the same as Hal, not riding for results and with no expectations other than to have fun and take on the challenge.

“I was looking forward to racing just for fun, obviously I love all types of racing, but there is something especially fun when it’s your first race and you have no expectations 

Harry and I had been joking about who would win out of the two of us, he probably had me in fitness but I felt I had the better skills. Although we were racing with 60 other people, I was only interested in one other person.  

The race started and Harry blew me out of the water, gaining about 10 spots on me, but I eventually caught back up. For the next 5 Laps we were on one another’s wheel, trying to drop each other. 

On the 5th lap as Harry and I sprinted up the steep pinch, Harry binned it over the top, dropping his chain in the process. 

Being the good friend that I am, I thought about waiting, ultimately deciding to sprint away as fast as I could. 

Harry got his chain back on, but in the meantime I had gotten onto a good wheel ahead of me, and Harry’s race was all but over. 

I spent the next three laps yo-yo ing off the back of Ben Lehner’s wheel, ultimately getting a little over it without the motivation of Harry on my wheel.

Overall I had a fairly good first CX race, I had fun and most importantly learnt a few things 

-CX is really hard

-Canti brakes are shit

-I beat Harry, and no one can take that away from me”


Melissa Anset unsurprisingly put in two great races on Saturday and Sunday, taking out 4th and 3rd respectively in Women’s Elite.

Ash Phillips again rode his single speed Engine 11. Taking something that hard and making it slightly harder.


Thanks again to our friends who made it a fun weekend and to Cycling Victoria and Team Mt Beauty for hosting another great event! 


Will Tracklocross be back in 2019 and will there be more then one competitor? 


Above photo by @benxlehner

Above photo by @benxlehner

Above photo by @benxlehner

Above photo by @s1ay3d

Above photo by @s1ay3d

Above photo by @s1ay3d

Above photo by @s1ay3d