This is Troy Martin


How and why did you get into cycling? 

To be honest I was never really into cycling growing up. I always had a BMX or mountain bike like most kids do growing up but never considered it as something I would take more seriously as I got older. It wasn't until I was in my early 20's that a friend I was serving with in the Royal Australian Navy came back from a holiday to New York started showing me pictures of all the "fixies" he had seen there. I became immediately hooked on the idea of owning a "fixie" of my own that I could completely customise to make my own. I remember the feeling I had as we rode through Sydney city with no plan, a feeling of freedom to take ourselves wherever we wanted to. Fast forward a few years I still get the same feeling with a strong passion for road cycling. I feel as though the "fixie" phase I went through was a strong forming ground for my now love of cycling. 


What are your favourite aspects of cycling?

Cycling is fun, but my favourite thing without a doubt is the friendships I have formed through cycling. I knew one person when I started riding bikes and now I have friends all over Australia that ride. I could take my bike anywhere in the world and meet new people whilst at riding, I don't know many other sports where you can do that!


Where is your favourite place to ride?

My favourite ride is riding through the Royal National Park in Sydney. I've done the same ride a hundred times and will never get sick of it!


How many bikes do you own? 

Currently I own three bikes; Cervelo S2 (road), Cervelo T1 (track) and an Engine 11 Sprinter (street track). I've owned a number of bikes over the last few years but am quite happy and content with what I have at the moment. 


What is your favourite type of riding? 

I guess the fact that a track bike was my first real introduction into the cycling world my preference is riding/racing track bikes on a Velodrome. Although I do quite like to challenge myself on long distance road rides, I always feel a sense of achievement.


If there was one place you could travel to ride your bike where would it be and why?

I had a laugh at this question because I would assume that most people dream destinations are international. I am originally from Adelaide, lived there from birth until the age of 19. Not once during that time was I ever interested in cycling as much as I am now. I went back last year as a cyclist and followed the Tour down Under for a few days. I was so unaware that so much good riding was so close to the city, I can't wait to get back there next year and do some more great riding with friends.


What is your favourite band? Have you seen them live?

I am a pop-punk boy at heart and my favourite band is and always will be New Found Glory. All of their albums have a different sound and no matter how I am feeling I can choose an album to suit my mood. I have seen them 4 times and I actually missed 2/3 of their shows whilst I was away with work and that really bummed me out! 


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