The First Hot Day

Kiewa Valley then over Rosewhite Gap 

7am roll out from home base.

Sun is up.

Ride along the valley highway until we turn off and start the ascent over Rosewhite Gap.







Descent into Myrtleford

A small break at the top of Rosewhite Gap.

Quick and flowing descent that levels out into rolling hills all the way into Myrtleford.






Coffee Stop

A well needed coffee stop in Myrtleford.

Bidons refilled (with Coke).



Myrtleford to Bright

30km along the valley floor.

Now it's getting hot.

We rode the rail trail most of the way.




Splashing in a River

Arriving in Bright meant drinks and food.

We sat at the river to refuel and cool down.





Tawonga Gap Backside

Out of Bright and into the climb.

36 degrees.

Not much water left.

Harry dropped us both.






Cooling Core Temperature

As usual there is no photos from the last part of the ride. My enthusiasm was lacking.

We rode to the Kiewa River.

Jumped in. Ride over (thankfully).