In the words of founder, Ben Lehner, "the goal is to document friends who like to thrash track bikes, racing on the track or in the streets" and here at HBC we love what they are doing.

Originally hailing from Sydney under the moniker of Skid Syd, a move to Melbourne in 2015 saw the name change to  In a world of regramming it's impressive to see an instagram account that uses original content either from their own formidable collection or from some of the amazing photographers they ride with. The result is a unique look at the growing track bike communities of Melbourne and Sydney. 

Featured photographers include Simon Atkinson, Sam Wassman and Harry Mcarthur

Our connection with Ben and Troy when they moved from Sydney was a no-brainer - bikes, tattoos and fast, loud music.  It was actually these two guys who got us into racing track at Disc and locked in our aspirations of travelling around the world with our bikes.

So if you are after an insight into the world of track cycling in Melbourne and Sydney then we strongly suggest giving a look. Who knows, it might just give you that added bit of motivation to come and experience it for yourself.

Hopefully we see you at the track or on the street soon!












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