Shifter Bikes Launch


 On a cold spring evening in Melbourne, the Shifter Bikes Gallery was the perfect place to set up the record player, fill up on pizza and cold drinks and launch some new kits.

We had some stunning bikes to look at from such fine people as Cam Smith, Honeychaser, the inimitable Josiah Ng, Shifter Dan's own collection, and even our own Affinity’s graced the walls.

Hal hung a bunch of new paintings and Simon Atkinson released his stunning new video (see below); celebrating the ageless joy of riding a bike on the velodrome. It was piece of jaw dropping beauty and for a few minutes there, Tuesday night track ruled the world.

We are proud of a lot of things at Hunter Bros Cycling but this night seemed to sum up our greatest joy - being with our friends, their friends, our family and so many bike riders - whether you ride road, track, cross, street, mtb or anything in between, all of us are enjoying the ride.

Thanks to everyone who made it a great night especially to Shifter Dan for all his support.







Above photo by Pat Freyne





Above photo by Pat Freyne






Above photo by Pat Freyne





DISC NITES from Simon Atkinson on Vimeo.