Sam from Bendigo



How and why did you get into cycling?

Ok so for me it all started in 2002 or 2003. I already rode my bike to school and being so young at the time I don’t quite remember why I started racing. I guess I just loved seeing how fast I could go and having a family history within the sport definitely helped.


What are your favourite aspects of cycling?

Other than racing whitch can get  a bit to serious at times I love the simplicity and freedom of a bike, I love how a bike can take you anywhere!

Sometimes a ride in the middle of nowhere by yourself can be the best medicine but riding with mates is definitely something I love about the sport.


Where is your favourite place to ride?

Well I guess its hard to determine one favourite place to ride. For me anywhere new is great, exploring new areas on a bike really brings it back to the reason why a lot of us ride. That sense of freedom that a bike can give.


How many bikes do you own? 

At the moment 7 including 2 frames a few that haven’t been ridden in a little bit or are on loan to mates but in current circulation.

A Cervèlo S5    

My Cervelo T4

A cheep Chinese 29er frame with some decent parts

And a few recumbents, yes I know a little bit different but it's something I have a pretty big history of racing now and my favourite new toy in that department would have to be my Trisled nitro. It's built up with a Dura Ace group set and 20inch aerospoke wheels.


What is your favourite type of riding? 

Again it seems hard to find just one type of riding that is my favourite because I like them all for such different reasons. In terms of racing at the moment I’m enjoying shorter races mostly because I’m unfit and can be somewhat competitive still.

In terms of just getting on the bike and going for a ride I've really been enjoying bike packing lately and long touring rides like our recent “ride to the farm” I have also traveled to Thailand earlier in the year with just my bike a small bag on the bike and a backpack for 3 weeks and really enjoyed it so I’m looking forward to more of that kind of thing.


If there was one place you could travel to ride your bike where would it be and why?

There are so many but to choose one that I’m guessing will probably be a little different to most it would be Battle Mountain Nevada. It's basically just town in the middle of the desert but is home to the fastest flat road in the world where the human powered land speed record is attempted each year. This year the record was improved to 89.59mph 144.17kmph! So FAST!


What is your favourite band? Have you seen them live?

This is a hard one because I’m probably not in to music as much as a lot of people and I tend to know better when I don’t like it more than when I do so I haven’t attended really any live music. To put one band down I'd probably have to say Red Hot Chill Peppers. To still be putting out such good music after such a long time I think shows how great they really are.


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