Ray's Yellow Musette

We released our Yellow Bird of Prey Musette in late 2016, I (Ray) remember opening the box when we first got them and thinking “wow they’re really yellow”, I actually remember thinking we had made a mistake, they were very yellow.


I decided to take one for myself, I thought maybe I could wear it in a bit, so it wouldn’t look quite so yellow.


Fast forward 4 years and this thing has travelled with me to the US a handful of times, Korea, China, Italy, it even accompanied me on my quintessential gap year Euro trip (this trip did not involve bike riding at all). Most importantly it was on my back for just about every kilometre I rode across Vietnam.


Ultimately I guess I succeeded in wearing it in, I don’t think I realised how much it had faded until dad found his pristine,  almost unused (boring) one for comparison. It’s probably the most used of any of our musettes, and functionally not much has gone wrong, I do accept there isn’t much to go wrong, but the point remains.


It has a few stains that won’t come out, I don’t know if I will ever be able to undo the knot either, but when I need a musette I will always reach for that one.