Our friend Harry Scott


How and why did you get into cycling?

My passion for riding definitely comes from my dad. When I was around 11 or 12, he’d wake me up at midnight to watch riders like Alberto Contador, Cadel Evans and the Schleck Brothers battle it out in the tour de france. I was always inspired by the dedication and flair of riders like these, and I think after Cadel won the tour in 2011, there was no going back for me, what spawned from that iconic victory at least for me, was an obsession in anything and everything to do with bikes, particularly road cycling.


What are your favourite aspects of cycling?

I’m naturally a competitive person, so challenging myself physically and mentally against other people and myself has always been alluring to me. More recently, the people I’ve met through cycling has meant the sport has taken on a largely social aspect for me. Whether it’s talking shit with mates at DISC on a Tuesday night, or having a chat to the old guy next to you on the Saturday morning bunchie, cycling gives me an opportunity to meet all sorts of interesting people I mightn’t have otherwise had the pleasure of meeting.


Where is your favourite place to ride?

this year I was lucky enough to spend 3 months riding around Europe, following the Giro D’italia and the Tour de France in the process. I think of all the riding done over this time, 2 regions stick out in my memory as being particularly spectacular. The Italian Dolomites were incredible, being surrounded by a constantly changing landscape of Awe inspiring cliffs, rising up kilometres around me.

Alpe D’huez would have to be the other. I think a lot of it’s magic would have to come from the monumental place it holds in Road cycling. Knowing you’re riding on the same switchbacks that have made and broken so many iconic riders is a really special feeling.


How many bikes do you own? 

At this point in time, just the two. A focus Izalco max road bike and my Ritte 8055 track bike, which would have to be my favourite.


What is your favourite type of riding? 

Road cycling. Nothing quite beats the freedom of riding my road bike. So much can be seen and achieved. Our recent adventure up into the Victorian highlands confirms that.


If there was one place you could travel to ride your bike where would it be and why?

That’s a tough one. Recently i’ve seen Majorca in spain for the cycling mecca it is. There’s a reason it’s where all the pro teams go for their training camps, described by Bradley Wiggins as a scalextrics track for bicycles, there’s an innumerable number of epic climbs to be conquered, all whilst following incredible Spanish coastline. So that’d have to take the cake


What is your favourite band? Have you seen them live?

The 90’s rap group ‘A Tribe Called Quest.’ Their unique amalgamation of silky beats and lyrically diverse rhymes is like nothing that came before them and nothing I’ve heard since.

Unfortunately I never got the opportunity to see them before founding member Malik ‘Phife Dawg’ Taylor passed away this year, but their music still resonates with me as some of the funkiest and wittiest ever produced.  



You can keep up to date with what Harry is doing through his Instagram


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