Mission Crit, Design And Racing

12 months ago Ray, James, Ferg, Harry and myself (Hal) packed up our track bikes and flew halfway around the world to race the Mission Crit in San Francisco and the the Red Hook Crit in New York City.

Check out or Blog post Racing Track Bikes In The Mission And Red Hook for some background.


Anyway a few months ago Clare and James, organisers of the Mission Crit got in touch and asked if we would like to be involved designing the graphics for this years event. Obviously we said yes!

After some discussion with Clare and James we got to work. For me personally this was a step outside my comfort zone having to draw graphics that will be used on signage, merch and some race infrastructure as opposed to just a kit or to tattoo on somebody. The end result is something we are really looking forward to seeing under lights with a crowd of people cheering on the racers.

We have always said that we don't know where this brand is going and what opportunities it will open up. I think this is a great example of that. We are all super excited not only to be traveling with our bikes again but to be attending a race pretty far from home that we have helped present to the public.





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