Ice Cream Containers and a Broken Toy Drum

Ice Cream Containers and a Broken Toy Drum

I built my first drum kit at age 10.  I used some upside down ice cream containers nailed to lengths of timber, a toy tambourine for a cymbal, and a toy marching drum with a hole in one of the plastic heads so it rattled like a snare drum.  I also taught myself some basic chords on the guitar by copying my mum who was actually having guitar lessons. 

Somehow from all of this, my parents decided that I needed some piano lessons.  Needless to say they did not last long.  

I learnt what I could on the drums from listening to records until, in my late teens, I took some real drum lessons with a drum teacher and quickly realised that I had managed to teach myself a bunch of basic drum chops back to front.  It took some straightening out but I have played drums the right way round ever since.

Hal and Ray have always been into bands and music and both had short-lived gigs with some of the best and worst bands I've ever seen.  They laugh, a lot, at some of my musical excursions but they also played the Dire Straits live albums WAY more than I ever did and Ray is really into the New Order b-sides and rarities so I am not sure how much notice I should take of them.

Making and listening to music has always been a really important part of what I want to do every day and going through the process of building the Hunter Bros Cycling brand with Hal and Ray has been the ideal place to be genuine and committed to this.

My relationship with riding is really similar to music - I want to be better, I should be doing more, it is something that exists purely in the moment, I love it when I do it, and so on.  

If you want to check out the music, my band is called, Runners And The Young, and you can check us out on Spotify and Apple Music.  We are back at Head Gap studios again, tracking for a release or two next year.  



All images taken at Head Gap Studio by @benxlehner