Building a T4 with Shifter Bikes and Ray

The Shifter Bikes workshop is a palace for anyone that knows anything about bikes, the workshop is meticulously set up, with a specific place for every tool, and Dan has every tool. 

Ray has been working at Shifter for just over a year now, and once Hal decided to get a Cervelo-T4 it was the obvious choice for the build.  The only question was, which parts?



Hal had previously gotten a bike fit by Ken at Adaptive HP, so we just applied the same dimensions, slamming a 3T 150mm -6 degree stem, as low as it could go.




We fitted a set of Dura Ace square taper cranks to a Sugino loose ball bottom bracket.



The wheels were joint effort.  Dan had a spare set of Enve 60mm rims sitting around, and we had a spare rear 24h Miche Primanto track hub. We eventually found a 20h matching front hub, and laced them together with silver Sapim CX Rays, creating a really stiff, but also fairly light track wheel.  





Although fairly simple, building up a track bike well is very important, there's nothing you want less than a poorly put together bike when going 60 kmh surrounded by other riders on the track. 



A lot of bike mechanics in the world and especially in Melbourne are perfectly capable of building up a safe bike, but it's the extra care and knowledge that Dan brings to every build that separates him from the pack.




And this is the finished product








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