Get to know Ben X Lehner


How and why did you get into cycling? 

I used to ride as a kid but grew out of it, after years of cars and motorbikes a fixie craze was coming through, I loved the minimal look of track bikes so got a second hand one, then a better one (my first Mash frame), raced track, got a roadie to stay fit, now bikes are a major part of my life as they are so enjoyable and I get so much from it personally, socially and physically.


What are your favourite aspects of cycling?

    1000% it’s riding with friends and having a laugh, I like I can stay fit, compete, push myself, but at the end of the day it’s all about just enjoying being out and about on a bike with people you like.


    Where is your favourite place to ride?

      I really like the gravel grind/fire trial rides on the CX with friends like the Otways as this kind of riding is new to me, the big alpine climbs like Hotham or Falls are my favourite in Victoria, in NSW my best memories are of the Galston Gorge/Bobbin Head area, or out and about in the Hawkesbury area


      How many bikes do you own? 

        At the moment 4

        • Cannondale CAAD10 – nothing flash but a build I really like as I’ve done everything on it, crits, climbs, dirt, gravel, >200km days.
        • Focus Mares AX 2.0 – cheap and cheerful CX bike I use to commute to work, ride some trails, gravel grind, and hopefully a CX race or 2 next season
        • Mash Histogram – my track bike for the street, but also has been raced a few times, and done a few Melburn roobiax’s fixed/brakeless and I’ve been a big mash fan forever, and owned a mash bolt before this frame.
        • Cervelo T1 – I was getting over changing tyres/wheels/gearing every week when I was changing the Mash between road and track duties, so this is my race bike, only ever used on the indoor velodrome, it’s nothing special but I like riding it a lot.


        What is your favourite type of riding? 

          Track will always be number 1, but I like gravel grinding, climbing and hitting the crits after work, I’m not a world beater at any of them but love I can do any of them and enjoy it


          If there was one place you could travel to ride your bike where would it be and why?

            I would love the follow the Giro and do some of the epic climbs


            What is your favourite band? Have you seen them live?

              So many amazing bands but AFI will always be the one, I have seen them live a few times, the rooms get smaller and the shows get better


              You can keep up to date with what Ben is doing through his Instagram