It's all about the art

It's not for everyone and that's okay.

Like a lot of things in life art divides opinion, whether it be a Van Gogh at MoMA or our latest Jersey (I am not comparing the two) some people will like it and some won't. As an artist this is what I love most. 

In my art I know what I like so that's what comes out in the final product. This is something that from the start has been at the core of our process when designing our products. To create something starting with a small hand drawn design and end up with a Jersey and Knicks I can ride my bike for hours in is where the true art lies. I am just glad that people like it.

I have been painting since high school and tattooing since the start of 2015. I got my first tattoo when I was 16 (It is really shit) and have been consistently getting tattooed ever since. Like most other aspects of my life, the style of tattoos I've been into has changed of the years but I could safely say now that traditional is where my heart is. Bold, Classic and never going out of fashion is what I like most about it.

I have said it before and I will say it here again, I'm still not sure where any of this is going but so far it has taken me around the world and back with my bike, some paintings and tattoo machines. I don't want to stop. I haven't felt comfortable once and thats the exciting bit. 

If you like our kits, keep buying them. If you like tattoos, keep getting them. If you like what you are doing then just keep doing it. Words of advice from someone not qualified to give them.





Where it all begins from Hunter Bros Cycling on Vimeo.



Vintique from Hunter Bros Cycling on Vimeo.


Featured artists in video are Scott Moss, Bobby Skins, Hal Hunter. All tattoo artists at Vintique Tattoos Studio.