Harry and his Ritte 8055

The Ritte 8055 is an seriously sleek bike.  Made from high grade aluminium, with hand sanded smooth welds  and a beautiful paint job to finish it off . One of Ray’s good friends; Harry Scott, bought one late last year and we have been waiting ever since to take it out and snap some photos. Scotty, although young, has already progressed well in his riding career, putting in two good crit seasons.


After months of overcast weather, Hal, Scotty and I pounced on the opportunity of a beautiful sunny day. A brief but chaotic roll around the city finished with almost no photos and fading light, it seemed the opportunity may have been lost….


We soon realised to get any decent light; we would have to venture out of the CBD. A short roll down St Kilda road ended with the beautifully sunny open roads surrounding the botanical gardens. The pristine Ritte glistened in the late afternoon sun, as did Scotty’s smooth legs, perfect for the camera.


Next stop was the iconic Yarra river, a small stop was had crossing the Morell Bridge, and then it was onto the riverside, capturing the last of the sun poking through the city skyline, finally finishing looking over the striking Fed Square.


Although the initial plans for an evening city shoot were abandoned, the afternoon still produced, mainly due to the remarkable spring sun, perfect for capturing the beauty that is the Ritte 8055




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