The One Day We Didn't Come Last

We had been racing as Disc for around three months. Progressing slowly, but never the less, moving up the grades. Dad had always expressed interest in racing and we finally got him on board. New bike, new kit and a new format of racing were just a few of the things he had to look forward to when he decided to do his first race. Just a quick bit of background before we continue. He did three races on his first night, the Scratch, Points and if I remember correctly a  Motor Pace. There was a crash in the first race and he went down. This would normally be a negative thing but the likelihood of going down twice in one night is low so it was actually a good thing to get it out of the way early.

We thought we were set for many more weeks of racing on a Tuesday night.

Unfortunately dad had a pretty severe crash in a road bike crit the following weekend (not his fault) and ended up in hospital for a few days. This was a set back and understandably a hit to his confidence.

We decided after he was recovered that we would do a private session at Disc to get some laps in and to get some confidence back. At the time, Ray and I were preparing to race the Red Hook Crit in New York so we thought it would also be a great opportunity for some training.

We booked it.

Lots of our close friends who cycle were keen to come so we ended up having about 15 riders and a few people taking photos.

There was no racing, no rules, just the 2 hour limit and the eerie feeling of being in such a large space and having it all to ourselves.

Yet again I have written a bunch of words that don't really say much but at least now you know where the photos came from.

All photos are by the talented Harry Mcarthur










A Morning At Disc from Hunter Bros Cycling on Vimeo.






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